The Essential 5 - Diffuser Blends Kit ($15 OFF)

Enhance Your Environment!

Ready to use diffuser blends, each with a special purpose.
  • 5 blends formulated from organic, therapeutic quality, 100% pure essential oils.
    • Jump Start My Day
    • Stave Off Cooties
    • Boost My Brain
    • Give Me Peace and Clarity
    • Good Night, Sleep Well
  • A laminated reference card gives information about the individual oils that contribute to the effectiveness of each blend.
  • All self-contained in a high quality "Walker" white, zippered mesh pouch (3.5" X 5"). 
  • Refills of each blend can be ordered.
Ingredients: Bottles are 5 ml each.  Please refer to the images of the reference card above, to see the ingredients of each blend.
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