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handcrafted and small batch

Our teas, sprays and oils are delicately made using high quality ingredients and practices, keeping your needs in mind. Reclaim your balance, health and vitality now.

Stay well.

We've put these products together, at a discount, to provide you with tools to stay healthy during the cold and flu season.

Your winter friend.

Perfect for now! Essential Salve | Nose Balm will get you through the cold, dry weather with its healing and antiseptic properties.

Create your bubble.

Based on an ancient formula historically proven to protect against germs, our Essential Protection will keep you and your loved ones safe in these times.

Need a boost?

Stay light and uplifted with our Energetic Clearing Spray. Use it to renew your spirit, ground positive intentions or simply shift the energy in a room. Be creative…and enjoy the results!

Refresh your bed.

Morning and evening, Linen Spray is a great way to spruce up your sleeping environment.

Support your health and wellness.

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