rapidTEA Loose Leaf Tea Maker

Makes a Perfect Cup of Tea Every Time.

Exquisite design, simple to use, easy to clean; putting you in control each and every time you prepare a cup of tea! 

  • Bottom dispensing teapot
  • Guaranteed drip-free 
  • Extra fine infuser screen to filter tea leaves
  • BPA free
  • Heat resistant to 230*F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for different cup sizes
  • Capacity: 16.9 fl.oz. / 500 ml

How to use the tea maker

1) Simply measure out your tea leaves and place them into the tea maker
2) Bring water to the recommended temperature and pour it into the tea maker.
3) Once tea leaves are infused, place the maker atop any cup; the valve opens and the eta flows down.

Your cup of tea is ready.

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