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Empowering you to reclaim your balance, health and vitality.


Keeping balance in our everyday lives is an ongoing process and a natural part of life. Turtle Moon Wellness is a family-owned and operated company passionate about empowering you to take charge of this process. Inspired by nature, we use only top quality ingredients, lovingly chosen and blended by hand. We hope to offer tools that will allow you to discover a simple and natural way to reclaim your balance, health and vitality. We invite you to explore our products and feel the difference.


I'm Kimberly DuBois, creator of Turtle Moon Wellness, teacher, healer and reflexologist. As a life-long student of plant medicine, I am blessed to have worked with some of the most renowned herbalists and shamans throughout the world. It's my pleasure to be able to share what I've learned and experienced through the products we have developed. Ultimately, our mission is to raise the vibration of people and the planet.

Hi, I'm Ray DuBois, Kimberly's husband. If she's CEO, I'm proud to be the COO of our business. I'm also the guy behind our BeeLove Raw Honey, working as a beekeeper in the CT area since 2006. A nature lover at heart, it’s amazing being able to share all-natural products I truly believe in. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.

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