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Astrological Happenings

On March 5th, 2015, a head over heart matter will take center stage, lighting up the night sky.

Women with Full MoonSometimes our hearts want what our heads are telling us is never going to happen. It’s a balancing act that is tough to master and one that arrives with the Virgo Full Moon taking place at this time.

A Full moon comes around once a month and each time it does there’s a pull of energy taking place in our lives as a result. It’s also a time of great awareness and inner clarity. Our ability to see things in full focus is always higher and it’s important to be mindful of the energies in play—in order to make good use of them.

During this month’s Full Moon, the signs of Virgo (head/logical realm) and Pisces (heart/feelings realm) will be staring each other down. Virgo is the realm of logic, organization, precision and details. It’s great at noticing the details and getting things organized to a tee. Pisces on the other hand cares a lot less about the details and loves swimming in a ton of feelings and letting her creative energy flow. It’s great at lending a helping hand, coming to the rescue of someone in need and finding beauty in imperfection.

These signs are polar opposites but ultimately need each other to balance out. The energy of this Full moon is going to captivate the essence of both signs and push us to find the right balance in our own lives. Some of us might be more inclined to jump over to the logical realm because it’s easier to do the practical thing. While others will have a hard time pushing those darn feelings aside and get pulled into doing what their heart wants.

Given the other planetary alignments in play this month, there’s a push coming out of this Full Moon to be courageous as you embark on your pull between what’s in your head and heart.

There’s also a lot of healing energy being highlighted on the tails of this Full Moon that’s important to be aware of. The Wounded Healer, Chiron, is prominent in the Zodiac at this time. Chiron is an asteroid who symbolizes our deepest hurts. When we’re courageous we have the ability to tap into his healing side and begin the healing process.

We’re all different and approach situations from many different angles. Some of us will end up in the Pisces realm and be pulled into the side of emotion. Dismissing our feelings won’t be possible and they will choose to embrace that energy. While others will end up in the Virgo realm and make the logical choice. Their feelings can’t stand in the way of the decision that has to be made. It’s definitely not easy and no there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s up to us to find the answer that works best in our own personal situation.

For additional personal insight, here are the themes associated with the March Full Moon for each Zodiac sign.

Aries: Your 6th house of work, daily routines/productivity, pets, co-workers and health comes into focus with this Full Moon. Something that you started approximately 6 months ago may come to fruition or completion now. This is also a great time for you to make a personal change for the better—especially since you are about to start strutting your stuff in big ways. Giving up something that no longer benefits you health wise is something to consider. A project at work or in your environment may have to be given up—so that something new can take its place.

Taurus: Your 5th house of creativity, speculation and short term investments, children and romance are highlighted at the peak of this Full Moon. Something that you started in one of these areas approximately 6 months ago comes to point where you can reassess or complete it. A creative endeavor or project could finally be finished and that’s something to be excited about. A long standing issue with a child—particularly your oldest—could finally come to a close and resolve itself.

Gemini: Your 4th house of home and family comes into view with this Full Moon. A balancing act could come into play regarding to your career/work and domestic matters. A prominent parent or important family ore real estate matter could also demand your attention. Additionally, this area in your astrology is very much connected to karmic experiences.

Cancer: Full Moons bring things to completion so you may come to a point at this time where an important project comes to completion. It could also bring a situation with a child (particularly your oldest) to a close or resolution. This also an area associated with romance and affairs so a relationship might come to an end at this time. It may not be an ending either but the point where a particular phase of the relationship ends.

Leo: Your 2nd house of money, possessions and things that you value come into focus with this Full Moon. Awareness could become very high in something involving money, finances or a close and personal possession. People that you possess or hold dear in your heart are also part of this realm. Your logical side (how much can you afford) could be in battle with your emotions (but I want it!) in some way. This could mark a point where some important decisions regarding money finalize.

Virgo: Your 1st house is in play at the peak of this Full Moon. You might make some new discoveries about yourself. It’s also possible that you gain new awareness on a particular relationship and how it affects you. This could also be a turning point in a newly formed relationship. This Full Moon could help you decide whether this is working for you or not and whether you want to take it to the next level.

Libra: This Full Moon will light up your 12th house of mysteries. Since Full Moon’s illuminate things, you may get some sudden subconscious breakthroughs about yourself and perhaps your past. You’re in the process of working through some hidden issues which will ultimately help you move forward. It’s kind of like a soul cleanse or Spring cleaning period of your psyche. Relationships or how you see yourself in a particular relationship could also take center stage at this time. Your logical realm vs. your feelings realm of what you want and need could be in conflict with one another.

Scorpio: Your 11th house of friends, acquaintances and groups you belong to comes into focus with this Full Moon energy. A balancing act of some sort between these themes and something involving your children or what you want to do for fun/play may surface. Maybe you want to be with a child but a group obligation needs you. Something where what you should do vs. what you want to do may be front and center. At a deep level, your hopes and dreams or something you’ve been wishing on for a while also has the potential come out.

Sagittarius: Full Moon lighting up your 10th house of career and place in the public eye. Something could energize your career or reputation. It’s also possible that an issue with a parent could surface at this time. An important project or job could come to a finishing point. Your Midheaven, or important point involving your career and place in the public eye is really in focus during this time. A new shift in your direction may be ahead.

Capricorn: This Full Moon highlights your 9th house and this brings a focus on foreigners, a long distance trip, higher education, the law, a teaching endeavor, your spirituality or beliefs, grand-children and in-laws. Plans for a long distance trip could be finalized or a situation comes about where your views conflict with a sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle. Your communication style may come into view.

Aquarius: Your 8th house of joint resources or things you own with someone else comes into view. Joint resources, investments, transformation, death, inheritance as well as intimacy and sex are all themes that play part of this area in your personal astrology. You may decide to take a new look at your joint assets or find yourself involved in tax matters. A mortgage refinance may come to completion as well. Additionally, you may decide at this time to take your relationship with someone to a more intimate and sexual level.

Pisces: This Full Moon highlights your 7th house of close and personal relationships or business partners. Business agreements could be finalized or come to completion. If you’ve been working on a close relationship (with a lover/marriage partner/business partner) you may come to a point where you decide that the things you’ve asked for in the past need to be owned up to now. This could be a point where you make the decision to commit deeper or walk away.

Author: Crystal Bichalski


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