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How to Lower Blood Pressure with Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper eaters may be healthier when it comes to cardiovascular health than their counterparts who do not routinely ingest chili peppers. The nutrients in cayenne help lower high cholesterol levels naturally, and can be effective in lowering the risk of blood clotting.

According to Examiner, the purported health benefits of cayenne are almost too unbelievable  but its reputation keeps growing among medical researchers as well as alternative health aficionados and deservedly so. It can do everything from kill cancer cells in the prostate, lungs, and pancreas to immediately stop a heart attack within 30 seconds.

Cayenne is a very effective stimulant, stimulating every system and cell of the body.  It has an amazing effects on the circulatory system as it feeds the vital elements into the cell structure of capillaries, veins, arteries. It also cleanses the circulatory system, strengthens the pulse and helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels, increases circulation to the brain, among many others. And the best form to use are cayenne powder and cayenne tincture.

High blood pressure has become known as, “the silent killer,” for a very good reason. And considering that heart disease is the number one killer in America, cayenne pepper is significant.

Source: Secrets of Extraordinary Health

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