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“Make Yourself at Home!”

A Travel Ritual That Really Works


Whenever I’m traveling and find myself in a hotel room, I make sure to never be without my favorite sprays. While the Essential Protection Spray focuses on clearing airborne pathogens (germs!), our Energetic Clearing Spray will clear and uplift the energy in the room, based on the influence of its blend of essential oils. Because of how frequently hotel rooms are visited, one can imagine the multitude of energies left behind. Energies are alive and they can linger in the corners of rooms, so I like to perform this simple ritual.



Immediately upon arrival I begin at the entranceway and spray the Essential Protection around the entire parameter of the rooms, including bathroom fixtures for germ clearing. Then I follow the same pathway with the Energetic Clearing Spray. When I finish this process, which doesn’t take long, you can feel the energy in the space lift, and literally, feel like it’s your home. When traveling with my family, they comment every time that they cannot believe the difference.

Not everyone is knowingly sensitive to the energies in his or her environment, nonetheless, this makes a huge impact on how one feels while traveling. Try it yourself and tell us how it goes!

Light & Love,



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